In a wilderness scene, suddenly finding footprints within the frame is extremely annoying. I usually abandon the scene as I do not (and never will) include signs of human presence in wilderness scenes. Asthetically, I concentrate on seeking out simple subjects either in isolation or complimentary. I do not photograph people tracks or buildings.

One often disabling turn-off is 120 or 35mm film suddenly jamming, either on/during wind, or near the end of rewind. With no changebag handy, I've often resorted to diving into bushes with a black raincoat and hurriedly yanking out the offending roll irrespective of the gaggle of curious people nearby.

Digitally additive/modified images that skew reality so badly I don't bother a second passing glance.

And finally: My pet-hate is fishe-eye lens photographs. Please ! We've all seen the effect too often and it is nothing new under the (360 degree) sun!