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Adams' trilogy as well as his "Examples..." are a must have on any photographer's shelf.
Lambrecht's book may be a heavy read (took me a couple of months to finish); but will prove to be a primary resource as we move up the learning curve.
Barnbaum explodes many of the photo myths while clearly setting forth his vision and techniques.
Some other books that are also of value:
Anything by Tim Rudman is of value whether one of the Master Series or learning Lith printing.
Les McLean "Creative Black & White Photography" is especially good on split-grade printing.
Arnold Gassan "Exploring Black & White Photography" is a good textbook.
My favorite, though, is Barry Thornton's "Edge of Darkness" because he comes across as such a humane individual (our loss when he died early).

Nice! Looks like I have enough suggestions here to keep me purchasing books for a while.
Holy Cow though Edge of Darkness comes in at $59.99 used for a paper back $211 for the hard back. The reviews are glowing and I would love to have one but that might have to be a Christmas gift this year Really though I would love that and Ralph's books for Christmas I think with those books plus the Adam's trilogy I would have a pretty good base for a while to refer to.