Hi guys,

I'm currently entertaining the idea of building "another" pinhole camera. I've done 126 cartridge, photo paper... and now I want to build one which uses Instax film. Yes, I'm THAT crazy!

Now, exposing the film is a snap -- it works just like any other film. My problem is in developing the stuff. At the moment I'm rolling a spare piece of steel bar across the film sheet, from one end to the other (starting at the pod). This seems to work OK for the most part (the pod breaks), but it seems the chemistry isn't reaching the whole film...

I'm getting horizontal bands and patches in the print, and there are visible blotches and bubbles on the back (in the black/brown plastic backing) which match up with the blotches on the 'face' of the print...

Short of gutting an Instax Wide camera for the developing rollers, does anyone know of another way to do this which might prove more successful?