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Active scrap/salvage/recycling businesses aren't usually very welcoming. They're busy, dirty, sometimes dangerous places whose owners aren't keen on having civilians onsite. I've had better luck at older, slower, half-dead yards. Here in Canada(esp. Ontario), environmental regulations force old yards to clean-up or close, especially the latter if they're in the way of housing developers. I've had better luck shooting on and around old farms, frankly.
Here in Toronto, behind where Elevator used to be on Industrial in Leaside there is a scrap metal yard. They do not welcome shooters. Bob Carnie has been chased out before (more than once). A lot of what they have is shredded and compressed/bent bits that are neat abstactions. Go on a Sunday morning when the sun is rising. A lot of the stuff can be viewed from a rial siding that runs between Industrial St and Commercial Road.

I would love to get into Cooksville Auto Wreckers, in Mississuaga. There are a ton of vehicles, wierdly enough, in the middle of the City. Regretably, they keep it well fenced both physically and visually. I suspect the soil is contaminated enough no one wants to buy them out yet, for the cost of the remediation.

I have heard of a scrap yard out Bowmaville/Kingston way off of the 401 that has cars from the 30's and 40's with forests growing up through them.

Off of 9th line here in west Missisauga there are a few land holdings with good collections of old derelict trucks and farm machinery between Brittania and Derry, that you get a glimpse fo as you zoom north on the 407. I have yet to find the time to see how one might negotiate access. Their buildings that front along 9th Line seem to be going concerns.