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Would like to see more:

Straight photography
Attention to detail
High quality printing

A lot less:

"Dramatic" skies
Negative scans
Lith and alternative whatever
Multiple super toning

And the number one thing I can't stand on here:

Making the point you used old expired film/paper.

Wow. Agree with ALMOST everything you wrote here, although many of us don't have the means to wet print at the moment, so perhaps negative scans are mainly done for necessity. I suppose I could get commercial prints and scan those.

I really like your answer to "Lith and alternative whatever". It does seem to me that lavish praise is often poured upon anything lith or wetplate on this forum, regardless of image quality. Don't get me wrong - I love a lot of it, and am in awe of what goes into the process, but it still must be a good image in the end, no?