Well Mike outed me

I have been shooting in a scrap yard for about 7 years , until I got caught on a Sunday morning two years ago, the place is right behind my old shop with no fence.
Took me a year to get up the guts to go back , I took into the management a few really nice prints and basically got their permission to walk around their yard and collect as much metal objects as I wanted. These I took up north to a daylight studio as well a skylight studio in my shop, I have been shooting these objects on table top now for a couple of years.
I also sent a framed print to a very large metal crushing operation in Ontario , they are willing to let me walk around anytime I want and I plan to do this over the next couple of years. They also will allow me to place objects in the crusher, I can think of a few on this site so if I invite you to meet me be careful.
To date I have around 1500 image that I use as source for my solarization work and next I plan to make some small silver edition prints .
I do not condone breaking into the yards , one reason its illegal, two big dogs.
I have moved from handholding medium format to tripod 4x5 and will continue this way for the next couple of years. If I ever do get access to the crusher I think I will move to 8x0 with some lighting.
I have photographed in the Car Graveyard that Mike speaks of , very interesting place, but unfortunately the crusty old owner passed away a year ago and I think the whole property will be sold .
This man placed every car/truck side by side and the growth around each car makes it look like a huge jungle land parking lot. He did not pile one on the other like most junk yards, kind of like giving a resting place for these vehicles.