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I know every darkroom is different. What I think I'm after is those "If I did this again I would..." and those "I thought this would work but..." and the "This was a hack but it turned out better than what I thought I wanted" kinds of revelations that (I think will) show up in a project like this.
Underestimating the strength of the needed workbench to support the weight of professional enlargers...

I have both a light weight Durst M670 BW, and a Durst L1200 which is a beast. Total weight of both might be in the order of 50 kg. My initial set-up with a simple household tabletop just wasn't strong enough to hold the weight of both, it started bending. I had to reinforce it with another tabletop to properly support all the weight, which required moving the L1200 from the workbench, which was an absolute pain. You just don't want to have to move these things once they are placed.