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some positive news:


I've got confirmative information from some other manufacturers, distributors and labs. Some of them still see decreasing sales, but this trend is significantly slowing down (official Kodak statement of Kodak Germany), some see stabilised sales and some increasing sales.

Example: The Lomographic Society International in Vienna sold 500,000 new cameras in 2010.
And 4 million films. They are expecting to sell 8 million films this year.

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I'm still not convinced the 'Lomographic Society International' is good for analogue photography, it seems to be an exercise in branding and fashion over much else. I guess the trendies have their place, but from a broader perspective, one could buy a basic Bronica ETRSi SLR, Nikon kit, or similar for the price of some of these "toy" cameras.

Secondly, I fail to see why one would buy Lomo film. It is hardly difficult to get hold of out of date film from one's own stockpile, and in general surely it is preferable to have the known quality of fresh in-date Kodak, Fuji, ILFORD film?

It is depressing if many of these 'lomographers' need to be spoon fed the marketing hype in order to develop an interest in non digital photography.