Thanks michael!... now please.. put your hat back on.... hahaha.

You know, when I first heard about dye-transfer I had just set up my darkroom (about 2 years ago) and I honestly thought that I would never live to make a dye-transfer print after learning what is "necessary". It seems that most people doing the process are from a time when it was a commercial product for color photographs, and not an "alternative process" for art or experimentation. In all my perusing of modern information on dye-transfer, I never found any mention of this DCG method, which is very frustrating indeed. On the internet, I think there might only be 1 person who has ever proposed it, buried deep in the Yahoo! dye-transfer archives by Greg W. He recommends diazo sensitizers (screen printers use this stuff) and indeed, it's reasonable to assume that we might have difficulty obtaining dichromates in the future.

So, basically I see an opportunity for a completely new alternative process; one that is capable of producing high-quality color prints. In alt processes, this isn't really possible at the moment. Tri-color gum can't be considered "straight color printing", and the difficulty of color-carbon is very discouraging to the hobbyist.

When all the color papers have been discontinued, this might be the best way to make analog color prints into the 21st century & beyond. At least.. here's to hoping!