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What could happen is these younger folk, those who are buying the holga's and Diana's maybe will get hooked on film and want to go further with better equipment, If these toy cameras get more people, especialy younger people, interested in film photography then that must be a good thing, I do know that I have seen more people with film cameras over the last few months than for a long time, and when I am out with my film cameras I get a lot more interest from young people, along the lines of ''where do you buy film cameras, I want one,'' than ever, and I often see them out and about a few weeks later with their ''new'' film camera, so it seems to me that the interest is there, we just need to foster it, be prepared to help and encourage them,
I don't see the "interest" you note, same as I've seen, amounting to more than a nano-trend among the easily distracted 20-somethings I meet. iPhones are "good enough" for most of them and will only get better. This has killed the market for low/mid price p&s digicams. I don't see many in this demographic sporting DSLRs outside the usual small % with the means and/or interest to buy into "system" cameras. Film stuff has cachet but mainly as a kind of retro fashion statement with little abiding commitment. Hoping I'm wrong but most I've helped into "film" drift away after a few rolls, citing the trouble and expense of processing and printing. Those who hang on and come to love it get all the help I can give, Problem is, there just aren't that many.