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On a good year I shoot around 100 rolls of film. I think this is a lot for an amateur, most probably shoot much less, maybe less than 50. If all the 'Lomographers' shoot 50 rolls then the 4 million sales equals 64,000 photographers or 128,000 if they shoot 25 rolls per year.
Steve, the number of Lomographers is much, much higher.
An increasing number of them buy their film at other places, not at the Lomo stores.
You have to add this to the 4 million number (that is only the film sold directly from the LSI last year).
And other distributors like Freestyle are selling several ten thousand Holgas every year, and lots of film to theses photographers as well.

On www.lomography.com much more than 100,000 lomographers are registrated.

At the end of 2010 Lomo had 200,000 fans on facebook.
Now, less than a half year later, they have more than 295,000 fans on facebook.
50% more in 5 months. A good indication of their dynamic growth.
Last year they have opened 12 new stores worldwide, if I remember right.

No matter of liking them or not, their success is fact.

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