I usually travel in SE Asia (I'm a middle aged backpacker) with just one or two small fixed lens 35mm film cameras and perhaps with a small d**tal P&S. The best light is in the morning at 4 to 6 am and another good time for photos is in the evening around 6 to 7 pm. During the day I find the light too harsh and hazy to shoot anything else than interiors which in many cases are very very dark. Basically you'll find yourself shooting a lot in very dim light where there are a lot of bright spots of light.

What you need is a camera that can handle this kind of tricky lighting situations. The F5 would be a great choice if you can handle the weight in the +30C heat. I'd take just two lenses: a 20mm for the interiors and a 35mm or a 50mm for the rest.

For late night bar shots take the LX3 with a small table tripod. I hate to say this but sometimes the d***tal is a better tool for the job.

Your film choice sounds good. Maybe Portra 400 instead for one stop more speed. A 2-3 stop ND and a polarizer are a must. Take all film you plan to shoot with you and keep it in your hand baggage during flights. You can find one or two shops that stock film in Bangkok but that's it.