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As there appear to be no announcements on the main Ilford website, and apart from the news in the Email,which I also recieved, which is primarily aimed at the UK market, it makes me wonder if this is aimed at the UK market, possibly Europe, and maybe the USA will be exempt, as the amount of the rise is currently not known, information is sketchy, we will have to await further anouncements, Richard
Does the Harman Express News which we in the U.K receive as an e-mail only go to U.K. customers and not cover any other customers outside the U.K.? Even if it only covers U.K. customers then given the reasons as quoted for the increase, I wonder on what grounds any market outside the U.K. could be exempt from the price increase?

Look s like it is "watch this space" until Ilford announces something here and/or we get to know some info on specific increases and to whom they will apply.