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As there appear to be no announcements on the main Ilford website, and apart from the news in the Email,which I also recieved, which is primarily aimed at the UK market, it makes me wonder if this is aimed at the UK market, possibly Europe, and maybe the USA will be exempt, as the amount of the rise is currently not known, information is sketchy, we will have to await further anouncements, but for me Ilford products is starting to look very expensive, and like others I find other products from the likes of Foma/adox/efke Etc much more appealing,
No-one is a bigger Ilford fan than myself, but, as you say, the products are now looking very expensive, especially if this further price increase proves significant.

It is elementary economics that , with any consumer products, not just photographic, ongoing price increases will, eventually, be counterproductive and affect the volume of sales, especially at a time of recession and economies and in a decliming market, as customers move to cheaper options, use less, or even postpone purchases altogether.

As an example, check out the UK Royal Mail...every postage increase reduces their sales by volume, as people and businesses turn to other suppliers or electronic alternatives in the form of email, text, etc. Photographers likewise will turn to
other suppliers or restrict their picture taking.....and some may even take the electronic option.....