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No. Canadian retailers charge $24.95 for a 10-pack of FP-100C... which I can get for $7.89 USD (less than the CND at the moment) from B&H. Interestingly though, fujifilm.ca shows FP-100C and FP-100B, not FP-3000B. Very interesting. Worth an email I suppose though since Fuji Canada doesn't sell Crystal Archive paper here I don't really consider them relevant. I'll ask about the crazy high prices while I'm at it...

Edit: if anyone knows the address for enquiries at fujifilm.ca let me know. Their website is totally useless, the help system only offers help about the Instax 210 and there is no "my question isn't answered, let me fill out a form with my question" option. Fujifilm Canada is not very useful, which has been my experience in the past.
Just call 'em. Be persistent. They can be extremely reticent but push.