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Lucky you! Seems like you got it for a reasonable price too.

I was at the same fair, looking around. I got some 9x12 film holders for one of my old cameras, and some Efke 100 film. I nearly bought a Pentacon 6, but decided it was a bit large and maybe I wouldn't use it enough. I was just about to leave when I took one last look at a table full of TLRs.

The seller showed me through various cameras, then pulled out a mint Yashica TLR, complete in original box...Ah well, I didn't have a TLR ;-)
What did you think of the fair? I was shocked to see how many digital cameras now apparently count as 'photographica'! I thought there weren't supposed to be digitals on that fair.

Congratulations with your Yashica? Loving it?

Now that you've mentioned it here, these things will be showing up on eBay and selling for $1600 in no time.
David, you must be clairvoyant: Here is the brother of my Peco: the Makiflex. Really a nice set, especially with the cable release and the recessed lens board, but keep your mouse away from the Buy Now button - or you might have a pricy accident! This auction started a mere three days ago - this seller might be an avid Apug reader...

Forgive the ignorance but what film does it use. 9X9 cm? Roll film? New one on me.
It uses plain 120 roll film, or you can shoot 9x9 cm on a large Polaroid or sheet film. The odd sounding 9x9 cm is because the camera has a revolving back, so you can shoot 6x9 in both landscape + portrait.

Cute. Interesting. Very reminiscent of the Arca Swiss reflex.
Yes, so I've heard. The Arca Swiss 6x9 Reflex. Another mythical camera. Never seen one in my life, only a small pic on the web. One of the stories I read is that people call Arca Swiss with offers of over $10.000 if ever one of these cameras comes back to the factory. Don't know if this is urban myth or not. Would be interesting to know if anyone on this forum has had hands-on experience with the Arca? Does it have front movements as well? Shutter speeds? Shortest focal length? Did it come with a retrofocus wide angle lens?
Would be nice to know.