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I thought it was obvious not to photograph directly into the sun, my mistake.
I take responsibility ! It wasn't directly into the sun, the lens seems rather susceptible to flare so direct sunlight falling on it (but the sun itself not in the frame) is enough to noticeably reduce the contrast. I am using a Mamiya C330 with 80mm lens. I really need to get a lens hood as they are more subject to flare than the newer super multi coated lenses.

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What is wrong with that window in the morning?
I touched upon this when I described how moving my portable pane of glass didn't work either. When I said the background wasn't sufficiently out of focus what I also meant to write was that the background has different colours throughout it and causes some of the Tx steps to be illuminated with light from the blue sky, others from some green trees and others from buildings or fences . None of those light sources are neutral enough in colour to preserve the original colour temperature of the direct sun which is about 5500K.

That is when I came up with the idea of using a white piece of card or paper to reflect direct sunlight back through a pane of glass a couple of metres away to which I affix the Tx step. I would ensure the white is behind the Tx step when viewed through the camera. Even if you still think I should use the natural environment can you comment on my idea 'cause in my mind it is superior to using some typical scene out of a window.