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Me too but to tell the truth I just purchased 20 rolls of Acros 100 in 120 for $2.69 a roll.
I'll probably be buying a similar amount of HP 5 very soon.
You haven't said as much but it sounds as if the HP5+ will be about the same price?

Anyway this price for Acros 120 would be " film user paradise" if it were available for anything near this price in the U.K.

No wonder a lot of users in the U.S wonder what our concern and moans are about with Ilford prices if they think that we can get it anywhere near this price.

Unfortunately we can't - not even close. I make a pledge here and now for me and I suspect I can say the same for a lot of fellow U.K. and European users, if not all. If we can get anywhere near these prices I will forever hold my peace.