Yeah, I see it as one step closer to sustainability for Kodak. It'd really suck if they stopped outright but I'd much rather they adjusted to the market like this, kept one machine running optimally or at least did a couple of batches per year and stayed with the game. Just think, they now have a very nice stash of spare parts sitting right next door that will mean it's pretty easy to keep their one machine going in the long term as long as it's well-maintained.

And even if Kodak or Fuji quit, the other will take over and get a big increase in turnover for their film division. While I love me some Portra, Fuji makes excellent film too and conversely for the loss of Velvia. My only concern is that if Fuji or Kodak stop, we will have a practical-monopoly situation on colour film, which will be bad for pricing.

I have little fear for Ilford (sales increasing!) or Efke though, so at least I will always be able to shoot B&W even though I would bitterly miss Acros and TMY2. Again, those small players would all benefit hugely from Kodak or Fuji leaving the film market. IMHO we will be able to buy film at retail for the term of my natural life (another 60 years probably), though probably not at today's prices even after inflation-adjustment.