Kodak sales are down due to the motion picture film sales decrease that I posted earlier this year. This is the biggest item in the Kodak product line and even if B&W sales are up 8% or consumer color is up 8% (similar to the report by Ilford) that is a drop in the bucket compared to the 30% slide in MP products that might have taken place.

As for KNOWING absolutely, well, I live in Rochester. Things do get around when many neighbors work (or worked) at Kodak. This event has been a rumor for months with expected layoffs, but the date was just finalized recently I guess. We will have facts to present to you in published literature as soon as it becomes available.

As for giving or selling formulas to other companies, remember that film and paper formulas do not "travel" well between plants! I doubt if Fuji or Ilford could easily make any Kodak product without complete redesign.