Hi all:

Well, I finally put the list together for our cameras little trip and will take my shot this weekend and send it on its way. I tried to have it cross borders as little as possible. There are total of seven times when it will cross a border (counting Hawaii).

here is the list in order

Gary Griffin
Richard Wasserman
Jeannette Lubitz
Diane Maher
Kevin W. Mullett
Cha Levias
Eric Maquiling

(goes to Hawaii)
Robert M. Teague

(goes back to CA)
Scott Stadler
Ellen Duralia
M. Walter Lyon
Bob Fowler
Art Liem
John Nanian
Bruce Osgood
David A. Goldfarb
Sanjay Sen

(goes to Canada)
David Swinnard
John Bartley

(goes to UK)
John Suckling

(goes to Belgium)
Marc Leest

(goes to Denmark)
Morten Damkjaer

(goes to Australia)
Graeme Hird
Glenn Mathison
Nigel Smith
Nicolle Boenig-Mcgrade

End of Journey

I have to admit I have only lurked the last couple of days as I have been having my annual battle with the IRS.

Here's to good shots