Most of the complaints about the first issue were that there was not enough editorial. Just thought I'd leave a line in APUG as well, concerning this issue. We are working on having at least 3, even 4 articles in the future issues. The reason we had not that much editorial is because we decided it would be better to have few quality material than many poor ones.

But we are working on it. The more people know about us, we believe, the more quality submissions we will receive. Issue 2 will have one interview with the featured photographer, 2 articles, and of course, the usual galleries- one instant and the other non-instant!

Thank you to all those who replied here and also to those who sent e-mails with suggestions, feedback, etc. Really, really appreciate it!
Also, we ask that you be patient with us, as we keep working on it to make it even better in the future.