You lost me when you said "technically perfect".

While I do find I can tell which contact sheets were shot with the Leica and which were shot with the Nikon, comparing the Leica to MF is too much apples and pears IMO. Two to three stops faster glass on the 35mm opens up shooting possibilities that you couldn't touch with MF gear. Conversely, 400 ISO film is fine grained in MF while you'd be limited in your enlargements from a 35mm neg (well, I would).

Depending on your previous purchasing history, I have a store that will often sell me used gear, with an agreed buy back discount should I change my mind in 3-6 months. I "rent" stuff that way, confident that I can change my mind yet try it myself. In short, rent one, borrow one, steal one... but there's nothing to replace something you metered, framed and shot.

2 cents (at best)