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I've recently acquired two original Canon F-1 bodies and I'm trying to decide which route to take. I've heard good stuff about the C.R.I.S. Camera MR-9 adapter, but I've also read that it leaves the battery cover sticking out. I'd also read that the F-1 couldn't be modified for 1.5v batteries but then I read elsewhere that a resistance diode can be added to drop a 1.5v to the 1.35v required. Can anyone weigh in on either option, which is best etc.? My gut feeling is that an adapter would be better than camera surgery but wanted to hear from folks with more knowledge than me!

If the modification is indeed possible, is it reliable long term? (interested in the long term reliablility of the MR-9 too!) And does anyone know of any reliable camera techs performing it? Ideally I'd get it done at the same time that I have the bodies CLA'd.

Also, if anyone can report on the MR-9 adapter, does it indeed stick out of the bottom plate? and if so, how much? Thanks to all in advance!
I don't mean to hijack the thread, but this is a related question. May I ask if anyone knows if the same battery issue happens with the A1 (not an ae-1, but the A1)? I ask because shots I take on my Pentax K1000 generally have a correct exposure but I'm finding the shots I take on my Canon A1 to be generally brighter than those taken on the K1000 in similar conditions. If so, would someone be so kind as to point me in the direction of how to compensate or adjust the camera? Thank you!