Even in the physical sciences (my area), in which you'd think that standing on the shoulders of others is the best way to see forward, i.e. through incremental progress, this can be a real issue. As a teacher, I think we have gone waaay to far from experimentalism and learning through direct experience. The result is a generation of students who can google anything but who are terrified of venturing their own attempt at damn near anything. Education has become so 2-dimensional and dry. No seeds for innovation.
I know this is off topic for the thread - apologies! But I have to mention that in the lab where I used to work, accreditation has had the effect of making the chemists do everything just by protocol, rather than by common sense or knowledge and experience. They no longer reason their way through something, they just follow the written "rules". Though I miss the paycheck, I'm glad I don't have to deal with that.

My turn ons:
-deep, rich prints
-texture I can feel by sight
-visual puns and humor

My turn offs:
-things I've seen before too many times
-something I know I could do better

Yup, I know it when I see it.