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Hey Nicole,

Tell us how much a CD or a set of 4x6 prints of all the images would cost. Plus postage. We could send you the money in advance of the camera getting there.

Who keeps the negs? I say send them to Sean!

My local lab that produces a CD at processing time makes jpg files in the 200-250K size range from 35mm color images ("good enough" for a 4X6 inkjet print). Since this will be B&W, the images will probably be even smaller in size. I'm sure most labs are pretty much the same. Having said that, I have 500MB of storage space on my Verizon account - of which I use little - and in the spirit of keeping APUG's bandwidth use a bit lower, I would be more than happy to host the images on my web space so all participants can download the full load at their leisure.