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The A-1 also has an exposure compensation dial that can be used to temporarily increase or decrease exposure without changing the ISO setting. In fact, that should be on the highlighted "1" arrow for normal use -- is it?
It is indeed. I think it's overexposing slightly. Ektachromes shot in both the Pentax and the Canon show a difference-- Pentax is more pleasing to the eye at the same settings as the Canon. Underexposing with the Canon by 1/3 to 1 stop produces similar results, but I haven't done a more exact test to determine the difference between the two. My friend suggested using an external light meter and testing comparing the readings between the two cameras to the reading of the light meter. I will try that with the knowledge that the results from the Pentax are what I'm shooting for. Maybe I can devise a mathematical equation to equate the exposures and if necessary have the Canon calibrated to match the readings of the Pentax. Thank you as well for your reply. I really appreciate the help!