No, I'm not a venture capitalist expert. Not every single person shoots b&w film, there are a great many who shoot both (me being one) and many who shoots color only. If Kodak decides to sell or close it's door then the available color film must come from these three company Fuji, Rollei, and Lomography. I not really such how much longer Fuji will continue to stay in the film business. Those using color only that don't want to move to b&w or use one the other companies, will either move to the dark side or stop shooting all together, anyway the number of people using film will likely be reduced making this more likely a niche market sooner.

APUG with its 50,000 + members is only a small number of peoples who buy film. Kodak sell color as well as b&w. So it likely that color film is one reason for them to be in business as well as b&w. With a major player like Kodak out of the market, the price of film may start to rise causing more people to leave film. My hope is that a good company would see a need and fill it. There are not to many of them left.