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I'm not a business expert.
But some sentences i heard from a old photographer in Rome (owner of a photo-shop) made me think film will
still be around for a while.
Here they are: "around the globe there are companies producing 620 films. Do you think they would keep coating this stuff if they weren't profitable ? If 620 is still profitable this means that 35 and 120 will be around for a very long time" I do hope his prediction is correct.
As far as i'm concerned i'll keep shooting film (35 and 120). I hope, should kodak give up film production, someone out there gets its business.
Should color film die i'll only shoot BW hoping that foma,efke,bergger,adox and all these "niche" companies keep film alive.
Um.. 620 and 120 are the same film. Only difference is the spool its wound on. Film sales are slowly picking up, as more young folks are discovering film. Older shooters are returning to film as well. The only real obstacle to film production is environmental issues. Third world countries are ideal places to manufacture film, as they desire jobs and are willing to neglect the environment to secure employment for the population.

I could go on more about the issue, but I think I've said enough.