Hi everyone!

Please forgive me if anything like this had been discussed, but I couldn't find the answer offhand.

Recently a friend who lives in my apartment complex gave me a stash of film he'd had in his freezer for years. I'll list a few of them below. Im curious about a few things.

1) Are there any of these that are worth shooting and processing?
2) Are there any of these that should go to someone who will make better use of them that an amateur like myself would make of them?
3) One of these is a C-22 process-- is this something worth bothering with?

I'm really interested in any thoughts/ideas/rememberances of these films. I'm not sure what I've been given, but to me it's a treasure trove. :-)

GAF Print film ASA 80, C-22 process 35mm
Kodak Panatomic-X Exp. Jun 1974 ASA 32 35mm
Kodak High Contrast Copy Extreme Resultion Panchromatic Exp. Sept 1966 35mm
Kodak High Speed Infrared 2481 Exp 05/88 35mm
Ektacolor 100, unknown exp. date, 35mm
Ektar 1000, unknown exp. date, 35mm
Konica DX ASA 1600, unknown exp., 35mm

PRN 120 Pro 100, ISO 100, exp. 06/1997
Kodak Ektacolor Type S 120, exp. Sep 1975 ASA 100 C-22 process
Kodak Vericolor II Type S 120 So-172, exp 5/1980
Kodacolor 400 120, exp. 04/1985

All of these films are still sealed in their boxes and have been kept frozen all these years. I know there's no way to know what I'll get until I shoot them, but I don't want to ruin these or waste them if there are any special films here which should be used by great photographers. If there are any jewels here, I want them to be used by someone who deserves to use them, and I'm not so sure I'm that person. On the other hand, maybe I'm meant to use them myself-- I'm just not sure.

What do you veterans think?

Thank you again in advance!