Might be heresy, I know, but if you're using 35 mm, you should also consider Max 800. The Kodak Max films seem to have excellent resolution and color rendition, and though the 800 will have slightly more "grain" than the 400, the extra film speed will get you another stop of shutter speed to fight that vibration, and the improved sharpness that results might more than offset the loss due to the higher speed emulsion.

If using (as I suspect) 70 mm, Portra 160 NC may be the only choice left in color unless you're willing to go through all the extra process of using movie stock.

If you're shooting 120, however, for your use I'd have to go with the Portra 400 UC recommendation above -- I don't like UC for my own photography, but its enhancement of color by way of (to my eye) excessive saturation is just the thing for making those subtle distinctions of greens, browns, and yellows.