Thank you all so much for the replies. I am reading and rereading all of these posts and taking it to heart.

It appears to me that the Panchromatic-X is the one to use for a special project as it has the greatest chance of producing great images. I gather I should use the others experimentally, which is what I will most likely do. I really appreciate the info about the films, especially the high contrast copy film-- I had, quite literally, no clue how or what to use this film for.

I have done B&W processing at home, but it's something I am not comfortable relying on for good results yet-- I am a novice still and enjoy the work but don't have confidence in the results as of yet.

I think what I may do is to use the Panatomic-X for a series of shots with my close friends and family and shoot the rest as strictly experimental photography. Ideally, I'd love to have the use of a Leica M3 for the Panatomic X, but I hope my Canon A1 will provide quality images with the film.

Truthfully, this has sparked an interest to experiment with older films stored properly, as the previous poster mts mentioned, in order to compare and contrast with modern alternatives.

Specifically regarding the Panatomic X, would you all have a recommendation as to what ISO/ASA to shoot this? The film itself is rated as ASA 32, but with my limited knowledge of the subject, I would put more faith in a recommendation from the forum than the box speed, given the age of the film.

Thank you again for all the help. I greatly appreciate you all sharing your knowledge and experience.