Hello All,

After quite a bit of testing I continue to have difficulty printing a pure palladium emulsion without getting some appearance of what I believe is solarization (or pseudo solarization). It appears in the darkest part of the coating outside of the image area and looks like a water stain, for lack of a better description. It's not a huge deal, but I would like to resolve it if possible. I have confirmed an appropriate exposure time several times and have varied the amount of sensitizer I am laying down (currently 24/24 for 8x10), but to no avail. I have read that adding platinum to the mix should resolve this issue. I was wondering if both Na2 and the standard potassium chloroplatinite will work equally effectively for this purpose. Are there advantages or disadvantages to using one or the other? What percentages of platinum in the sensitizer are typically effective? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.