Interesting about the HC110, I did not know of any change in the formula. The only different version is sold in Europe as a less concentrated syrup which you dilute 1:9 to make dilution B. (Kodak CAT 500 1466).

I also wondered about the new 3.75 time for Tri-X, seems like an error to me. Seems more like the Dil A time.

I use Dil B and mix one shot from the concentrate. My times are 6 mins normal development @68deg (ASA 250) small tank. I am also working with Dil H 1:63 (unofficial) to try and get longer development times and to use as a compensating developer.

Kodak's technical pub on Tri-X states that development times shorter than 5 minutes may produce unsatisfactory uniformity. I guess this was just a general statement without any specific developer mentioned. But it worried me enough not to go too short on the time.