I am primarily looking for a neg from a slowish mono film (APX100/FP4 plus). No need for a whole roll, just a single neg that you consider to be technically sound would be enough. I will be subscribing to APUG just as soon as I get a pay cheque from my new job....if I ever get to Kuwait that is.........

If you would be willing to post a neg, just let me know and I will PM you when I return from my first 6 week stint in May.


The confusion was sewn by me! I am very impressed by the MF rangefinders but am considering something smaller. I am not taken by any of the 35mm rangefinder bodies apart from the Leicas (if only another manufacturer would produce a solid mechanical cheaper than Leica body!) and Xpan, which is also fearfully expensive (the 30mm lens.....!). If the Leica lenses do sparkle, it would be a toss up between an M6 and an RF645 probably. Very different beasts I know, but the RF645 is so cheap relatively and such a good travel compromise between size, neg area and cost (649 new in UK). I just wanna make sure I am not just fond of the idea of a Leica......