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... As to Ralph's ethical objections to the price, this is what they all really cost, it's just in this case no western reseller has had the opportunity to slap a big margin on it. You see the exact same items for $2 on eBay and then $8-$15 from AU resellers and then $25+ in retail stores; buying the $25 version doesn't mean the factory is getting any more than $1. Same model, clearly comes out of the same factory. Personally, I have no issue with cutting two or three layers of middlemen out, ...
Nowhere in the civilized world can you possibly make a thermometer like this for less than $1. I'm afraid when you peel the layers of middlemen back on this one, you'll see something ugly such as people working 12h for peanuts or worse: child and prison layer. Of course, I have no proof of that, but with prices that low, I'll stay on the safe side and go by: If it sound too good to be true, it most-likely is.

I do not shop in dollar stores for the same reason, by the way.

I'm actually quite frugal and compare prices before I buy, but I never quite understood the hunt for the lowest price at all cost.