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Do you know the make of the light fixtures?

"HPL" lamps for the fixtures used on the stage where I work cost approx. $15 to $20 each, depending on quantity. We buy them in case quantities so our price is naturally near the bottom of the scale.

You can buy gel filters to color correct tungsten lights for daylight film: http://rosco.com/us/products/stillphoto.cfm

I don't know... Can you still buy tungsten balanced film?

The main problems you are going to have are heat and power consumption.
Stage lights get REALLY hot! Hot enough to start a fire or burn skin if you aren't careful!
Second, a 575 watt lamp will consume 4.79 amps of electricity. (Assuming 120 VAC.) You will need to make sure that you use 12 AWG extension cords, at minimum, and that your breakers and house wiring is up to the task or else you risk starting an electrical fire. Do not burn more than four lamps on a single 20 amp circuit. (Assuming 575 watt lamps.) If you use larger lamps than 575 watts, you will have to use fewer lamps per circuit.

As long as you have a good place to put these fixtures where you can bolt them down securely so they don't fall over or come into contact with anything flammable and you are mindful of the electrical load these babies are going to put on your house wiring, go ahead and use them.

Wanna' see something fun? Fire up three or four of these suckers then go outside and look at your electric meter. It will be spinning like a top!
I'm in Europe so we have 240 V, that would effectively half the amp load, wouldn't it? Still a lot I guess. I will try and see. The only thing that deters me is the gelling and how close to daylight it will be, and the limitations in light modifiers. I guess a softbox is out of the question?