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I made a 4x5 pinhole camera this spring for WPPD. I already owned some 4x5 filmholders and shim stock, so my bigger expenses were a (lifetime supply of) brass blackening liquid and two T-nuts for horizontal and vertical tripod mounting. (The store was out of zinc plated nuts so I bought stainless!) A basement and garage/workshop full of miscellaneous miscellany supplied scraps of birch plywood and other material. I think it was some careful attention (and unusually good luck) with making the actual pinhole, but I believe this year's effort gave the best results I have ever gotten with a pinhole camera.

Anyway, it's fun stuff.
Hah! So that's you! I actually bookmarked your site from a search for DIY 4x5 Pinhole. I do not have any film holders, so that's going to have to be purchased. I was considering making film holders myself, but I'd like to be able to use the same holders with another camera later so I think I'm going to just buy some holders and build the camera around that. For the tripod mount on the PepsiCam I actually took a hacksaw to a 120 film spool (since they're reproducing in the corner at an alarming rate) and cut the end off. I tapped the hole in the bottom of the cut off spool end, and then shoved it through another piece of foam core. More duct tape, and there you have it!