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Any update on the current situation of this?
Yes, the production is running again (for more than a year now).

DHW, the successor company of Franke&Heidecke, is producing the following products:

- Rollei 35
- Rolleiflex 2,8 FX
- Rolleiflex 4,0 FW
- Rolleiflex 4,0 FT
- they try to produce the Hy6 again
- Rolleivision Twin MSC 325P 35mm slide projector
- Rolleivision Twin MSC 535P 35mm slide projector
- Rolleivision 66 dual P Multi format slide projector (for 35mm; 4,5x6; 6x6 slides)

Source: Report in a German photo magazine some months ago.

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