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Yes, you end up with the same light loss: you either have to pump up the amount of light to use the 80A filter, or pump up the amount of light to compensate for the light robbing qualities of the conversion gels. The ASA 25 conversion figure you get is the result either way.

Have you thought about simply shooting tungsten balanced film? That would be the easiest solution as long as you are not mixing it with daylight. Another option: if you are indoors with a daylight light source you can gel the daylight (like a window) to 3200 tungsten and use the lamps unfiltered.
I can't find any tungsten films anymore. Only expired, and who knows what color casts that would give. I think I will abandon this idea. Strobes (which I use now) seems a lot more convinient. I would still like to have the "wysiwyg" thing you get with tungsten.

I saw a few pics on flickr shot with profoto acute strobes with some fresnel thing on them, that looked really like what I was after. Thinking of buying this and do something like it.