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Community Colleges would be doing their students a disservice to keep teaching them how to use 35mm instead of digi. .
I wonder. Last week I heard some one claiming he was keeping up on digital darkroom [how I hate that phrase] to have marketable skills. That reminded me of a couple of things. We have quite a bit of filming here in Hollywood north. A couple of years back I saw an announcement that they had setup a special highspeed secure net connection to nightly send the digital files to LA for processing. Over on the LF forum awhile back people were discussing shipping negatives to India for scanning etc. I can't help but think the vast majority of that sort of work will sooner or later drift to the lowest wage area possible.

The same way today the guy making buggy whips can make more money then the guy changing the oil in a horseless carriage I wonder how long until the same is true with traditonal versus digital.