For my welding set-up I like to use a CO2/Argon mix and moderate wire feed . ....... oh! must get my eyes checked ... WEDDING.

I've ended up covering a couple of weddings purely because the people involved were a) friends and b) cheapskates. One I did on an 'at cost' basis and the other I did as my present to the happy couple (who are since even more happily divorced, though my photography was not to blame for that). On those occasions, shooting 35mm, I used the standard 50mm lens and a wide during the ceremonies, but for the alcohol-fuelled receptions, a 135mm lens came into its own for candid shots. Flash was my ancient Hitachi. For one, I also shot a couple of rolls at the reception on my Pentax Espio 105SW P & S and the results from that proved very popular with the punters, many of whom had what appeared to be quite high end d*****l cameras but not a clue how to use them.