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Since in Britain two out of three marriages end in divorce I wonder if there's an untapped market for divorce photography because there's a market for everything else to do with marriage, engagement, maternity etc.
Although people do not tend to formally celebrate divorce (I understand) it seems that people who is in the habit of getting married usually tend to marry again (imagine that). So in itself the possibility of divorcing almost doubles the market.

When a couple of cheapskates comes in your studio and wants to save money, draw their attention on the irrationality of saving on something that will outlast the marriage (the photographic album) and spending too much on something that will invariably end up in shit within less than two days. Not to mention a dress which will not be used any more.

You have to say that to the bride, obviously. If a man gets married it's obvious he got out of his mind already*.


* You know that. Just look around you. If things go well, fine. If things don't work, she'll get the children, she'll retain the house and most of his wage. He'll have to pay a rent (to rent a room) with what he has been left. He might have to continue to pay her a monthly check even if she marries again (at least in Italy). I tell you if you get married you must be insane
Spend in your preferred hobby instead. It will never betray you