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[...]The symptom - I found that as I moved from 8x10 prints up to 11x14 or larger (or increased size to crop an image,) I had to increase contrast to get bact to the original desired impact. I thought this was normal. It isn't. It is a symptom that you may be fighting an UN-safelight and/or enlarger light leaks. In seminars I have attended, this is the number 1 most common problem.

This is a HOOT! A while back, I contacted many pro B&W printing labs all over the country looking for one to make large Azo prints for me. One of them, in amoungst the comments that there's really no value in using "dead" papers or pyro developers mentioned that "of course, the larger the print you make, the lower the contrast gets".

At that point, I just felt like an ignorant stooge. I'd never been familiar with this tendancy.

Now, I know that at least in this particular case, I wasn't the ignorant stooge. (:
If you haven't tested for enlarger and safelight problems, I urge you to do so. Go to the Kodak web site and search for 'How Safe is Your Safelight?.' From the items returned by this search, click on the one titled 'K-4'. This will open a PDF file that will guide you through the process. It is a bit complicated and boring as all-get-out but it will smoke-out your unseen enemy like no other test. Post your responses after you do this. I am curious as to how many of you discover a problem.

Here's a direct link to the PDF.