Hey Dewey2, awesome to have you join the fray. It'd be really interesting to hear more about your lab; history, technique, etc. When did you stop doing DT printing?

Separation negs are at this moment, on the backburner and these tests that you're seeing are just from a b&w negative. To be honest, I have kind of a convoluted scheme for separations. The biggest problem is the expense of large film, particularly panchromatic film. The cheapest option is to use X-ray film, which is made in large sizes and can be had for a song. This film is orthochromatic though.

So, that means there will have to be an intermediate step wherein I make the separations onto panchromatic film, 1:1, preferably by contact, but probably with a copy setup if I'm doing 35mm. If coming from a C-41 negative, then that's great; these separation positives can be projected onto the x-ray film. For E6 I'm planning to reversal process the panchromatic separations, and then project these onto the x-ray film.

Masking can then be achieved rather effortlessly since there will be 3 enlarged negatives. Creating a positive mask would only require contact printing onto another sheet of the x-ray film from the desired separation and reducing exposure or reducing density in farmer's reducer, for instance.

Now.... anyone in their right mind would probably use digital negs, but I'm gonna give this procedure a go and see what it can do.

I do plan to get a roller, though the Condit stuff is so expensive, I just can't justify the cost. A 12" Kodak print roller might be the next best option.

You can see the registration holes in the paper, but I need to clamp my registration board onto the table next time. I'm using a 2-hole office punch for that.