Yeah, I'm using 500ml of chems. My first roll of film I thought "this looks easy enough" and just charged in. After about 5 min I decided sacrificing another roll to practice on the second reel would not be such a bad idea, so I played in the light. I had no problems with the practice roll, but the ball bearings jammed on the first roll still in the bag and tore it in two (diagonally, so there was no way to develop both halves of the roll to salvage something). I suspect the difference in film stickyness between the practice roll and real rolls is what is throwing me.

Since then, no more tears but every roll has had either a patch of undeveloped (usually costs me 3 frames or so) and/or some creases that a real estate agent would say "adds character" (and I say are unacceptable).

I know people say you shouldn't touch the emulsion, but is it really that big of a deal if you have clean hands? I've tried latex gloves so I could handle the roll more without fear of leaving oil behind, but it hasn't really helped. I've also noticed that the leader develops just fine even though it is handled without gloves.