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Also, all the reviews I've read about Hewes reels say they're far better made than generic SS reels (which I believe), but are they as idiot-proof as a good plastic reel can be?
I'm a little Dutch and try never to spend more money on something unless I have to. HEWES SS REELS ARE TO MUCH MONEY! Now, what kind of reels do I use? I use nothing but Hewes SS reels. And yes, they are pretty much idiot proof. I used Nikkor and Paterson for years. I used the Nikkor for 35mm and the Paterson for 120. I just never could believe Nikkor SS reels would be any different than the more expensive Hewes reels. Boy, was I ever wrong. This is one of those "you won't believe it until you try it" type of things. Yes, I might be an idiot, but I ain't stupid. Spend a little more and make life in the dark worth living. JohnW