Last year I built a light box based roughly on ideas I got in the book Build Your Own Darkroom by Lista Duren and Will McDonald (ISBN 0-936262-04-4). The plans are outlined in Chapter 8. I modified my dimensions significantly (20.5"L x 15.5"W x 6"H) and the light layout to accommodate easily found fluorescent light size and types. I used two (2) 16” Phillips Natural Light tubes and a mirror type Mylar auto tinting film as the reflector material inside the box (aluminum foil is not recommended). The top surface is white translucent acrylic. It turned out to be a great size light box that can handle 36+ slide selections very nicely yet remain very portable. What surprised me is the cost was almost $50 (including bulbs!). As a DYI project I thought it would be less expensive. I will try to post a simple picture below …Andrew