Almost 26hours later give or take a couple of minutes here are the groups. As most of us participated in the last print exchange, I have tried to break us all up such that we have at least 3 new people to send to and receive from.

I will IM to everyone my postal address.

Group One:
1. Barrie B.
2. munz6869
3. SMBooth
4. walbergb
5. SteveR
6. timk
7. Hoffy

Group Two:
1. Oxleyroad
2. Kevin Caulfield
3. Michael W
4. tomalophicon
5. Andrew K
6. Sweattea

Timing reminder:
Prints posted by to me no later than 31st July. I will start flagging those whose prints I have not yet sighted middle of July, and I will post replys as they come in so we all are aware that groups of prints are not lost in the post.
Prints exchanged and returned to all during the first week of August for comments.

Round # 5 - September.

For those of us not as well prepared as Barrie. B, let the printing begin

Comments and feed back for this round can be found on this LINK