Well we took the camper up on the back of the ute and stayed in a caravan park, mainly for power, to power the heater!

We didn't see anyone from apug, but met up with some friends who made the trip especially to see the exhibition.

I was a bit under whelmed overall. There were some really good prints, and, some quite ordinary prints, including some prints from people that were either showing their age, or they seemed to be printed before their technique started to get better.

Having seen some Ansel Adams prints in the flesh before, the ones at this show were rather ordinary, perhaps when he printed them in the 30's, which if I remember correctly they were done around then, he wasn't too flash.

Some of the colour work seemed to be nothing more than a record of buildings and scenes.

At the post mortem, all five of us agreed that it did seem to be not quite what we thought it would be.

The Avedon print of Nastassia Kinski with Serpent was mind blowing, as were the two prints from Mapplethorpe, Dorothea Lange's prints were great, including her signature print. Bourke-White had some good stuff, as did Arbus and seeing a Weegee print in the flesh was interesting.

There were other photographers with good work displayed, but there wasn't a wow factor for any of us, although we agreed it was worth the trip.

One interesting bit was getting a discount for a group entry, two dollars off is two dollars off